Hello Smart Mathematicians,

Are you ready to take part in the annual CEESA Math Counts competitions? Are you ready to represent ISP and make our school proud? If so, you have an opportunity to fulfil your dreams here at the Math Club! The CEESA Math Counts competition is held every year in different schools across various European countries. The competition usually consists of three rounds.


1. Junior/Senior Individual Round
2. Junior/Senior Proof Round
3. Junior/Senior Countdown Round

In order to be a member of the CEESA team, you must undergo a selection in which only the best mathletes are chosen. Remember, we cannot have more than NINE members on our team. Thus, you need to work hard in order to obtain a spot on the team. If you look forward to becoming a member, we wish you best of luck and hope that you succeed in your endeavour. Last year, our CEESA team travelled to Moscow. Even though we travel for CEESA competitions every year, we will unfortunately not be attending the competition this year at Kyiv. This is due to the fact that the competition is being held during the Spring Break. But don't feel disheartened, for we will be travelling for CEESA next year! Stay tuned for more updates on that! In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures from the Mosocow trip:

The CEESA Math Club spent many wonderful hours this year solving unconventional problems in mathematics, proving concepts, enjoying each other's interest in Mathematics and, of course, competing against teams from around the CEESA region. This year's tournament was held in Moscow. The Senior Team with members Danny Lee, Zoey Ki and Sung Kyung Park placed third out of twelve teams. ISP's Junior Teams of Tarun Misra, Danny Song, Junhwi Seo, Joe Lee and Dong Gyun Han also placed well, but not in the medal round. It should be noted that the entire team was anchored by grade twelve student Kyu Song Lee. Kyu Song unfortunately could not travel, but the team recognizes his contribution to their preparation and success. The Math Club had many other members who enjoyed the activities (especially the pizza) and made valuable contributions to the success of the club. Well done to all of you! Coaches Richards and Rops could not be more proud of your efforts."