Building a primary school in Malawi (July 15-21)

The History of BuildOn

BuildOn was founded in 1991 by Jim Ziolkowski. He was inspired to form BuilOn, a non-profit organization after seeing a celebration in Nepal. The celebration was for the opening of a school. He quit his job to form this organization and worked with his brother. BuildOn is a global organization that has built more than 1,300 schools. The way that these trips work is that the teams raise about 27,000 dollars for the school through different fundraisers. A date is then set to physically go to the country and build the school. The team will live with the villagers while they are there and spend time with villagers as well as building the school. They can also spend time with the villagers and learn more about their culture and way of living.

Our Plans

In July our team is going to Malawi, Africa with the BuildOn organization to build a primary school. On July 14 we leave for Africa. The members of our team live in different areas so we will be travelling there differently. Once we arrive in Malawi, we will head to the village. We are there for a week and will be living with the villagers. For the entire week we are there we are building the school. Other BuildOn members will be instructing us and giving us jobs that will help with the building process.

In preperation for this trip we had to raise money through different fundraisers. Our team members live in different places so we all used different fundraisers. Some of the fundraisers we used were bake sales, taking care of kids and yard sales. We also got donations, which was very helpful in the fundraising process. Each team member is supposed to raise around $3,000. As a team we raised $37,598. We also had to make sure we have clothing that will respect their culture, for example not too short or tight clothing.

Here are the main countries that BuildOn works with in building schools. As mentioned before our team is going to Malawi Africa. If you form a team you can choose where you want to build the school. (one of these seven locations) If you don't have a team BuildOn can also help you find one if you contact them directly.

Visit their pages!

Here are the most important pages to look at if you are interested in forming your own BuildOn team and trip. It is an amazing experience where you can help people. It is a lot of work to raise money and plan the trip but in the end it is worth it. These are also the links to the pages of our team leader and our entire team. Our Team is "Brick by Brick for a better future." BuildOn is a great organization because though you and your team are raising the money they are on the trip with you making sure that the experience goes as smoothly as possible. They are also available during the fundraising process to explain details about the trip and answer any questions. They schedule a call with the entire team to make sure that everyone is informed about the requirements of going to certain countries.

Watch the BuildOn video!

Our Team
Most of our team members, Mark and Teresa Larson, Ruth McCoy Miles and Henry and Scott Neuman live in the United states. The other five live in Prague, Czech Republic. The idea for this project started with our team leader, Katherine Stoner. She wanted to do this project and got friends and family who were also interested. This project is extremely important to our entire team and we have all been working hard to raise money to make sure that this trip can happen. We have also had a number of voulenteers help with our fundraisers and donate money throughout the fundraising process. It was very nice to have so much support and this wouldn't have been possible otherwise.
We are really excited to experience new culture and see how they live. They have a very different lifestyle and aren't as fortunate as we are. Instead of only donating money, we can physcially go and make a difference. We are also bringing gifts to the people in Malawi for letting us stay in their homes. We are going to bring lanterns and soccer balls that are difficult to break so that they can be used for a long time. They also won't have to be pumped up and this is part of the reason this is a helpful gift.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us before, during or after or trip. If you have any questions about the BuildOn organization you can email us. We are very excited for our trip and think it will be a great experience. We are also willing to recommend ideas for other BuildOn trips or can connect you to someone that can organize a trip in the BuildOn organization. There are two main BuildOn orginzations, a United States organization and a global organization. Just fill out your name, email, subject and message to send us any recommendations, suggestions or questions.
We would like to thank the BuildOn organization for helping us organize this trip. We are extremely excited to go to Malawi and we have put in a lot of time and effort into this project. We hope that this encourages others to help make a difference and get involved with the BuildOn organization. We know that this will be a very influencial and unique experience!