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Delicious Musse

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About Me

My name is Ema Helclova and I am 16 years old. I am passionate about cooking and love writing recipes, whether they are typical ones or my new ones I came up with. I enjoy sharing my original ideas about many different combinations of imgredients. I am a creator of recepies for mainly my own purpose and also I provide my recepies for the greatest, fantastic restaurants all around the world. Feel free to scroll through my web page and learn something new, get some inspiration and becoem a better cooker. I have strated as a young baker in my Granma's kitchen. Now I am a proffesional cook at Four Seasons restaurant and i do not regret my decisions I have made and the hard work I decided to put in my cooking. It is worth it. Never stop improving your skiils, you can always be better, and me also. Practice makes perfect, but what is perfection? It is different for each person. So create your own perfection and follow your goals, wokr hard an dtrain you brain, hands and teste cells so you can become the best cook ever! Follow me, please. My name is Ema Helclová and welcome to my website!

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  • Basic
  • Decent starter
  • Classic main meal
  • Sweet dessert
  • Porviding cutlery
  • $ 100

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  • Proffesional
  • Fantastic starter
  • Wonderful main meal
  • Amazing dessert
  • Best wines
  • $ 135

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  • Fabulous starter
  • Unforgetable main meal
  • Delicious dessert
  • A weitress
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+420 584 273 698

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  • A Chocolate Musse
    A delicious chocolate dessert for everyone!
  • Non-baked Cake
    Too hot for baking? Try some of these recepies!


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