Cars of the Past

Cars from 1980's Germany


The German automobile industry, according to some, had reached its peak in the 1980's due to German companies producing many innovative and iconic motors.

The most well-known of these companies are:
Volkswagen, Mercedez-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and Audi, all of which are still very popular and active to this day, however, not nearly to the same extent, as seen by comparing Volkswagen, which came in at number 19 worldwide when measuring their pre-tax profit margin, with BMW, who achieved 5th place with their pre-tax profit margin of 9.80.

Each company produced a number of well-liked cars, such as Volkswagen's Golf, Porsche's 911, Audi's Quattro, Mercedes Benze's SL Roadsters and BMW's sedans, and used them to crush their western competition, but their hold on the international market has weakened in recent years.

German companies were some of the most successful innovators of their time, and have further proved this by still retaining their popularity in the present day, but sadly, their level of innovation did not remain that way for very long.

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