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Steps before and after taking a picture. A range of interests.

Creative Design

Creating a design requires creativity in order for it to be original. Create a design not seen before is a task that takes time.


Taking a picture can require various brainstorming strategies beforehand. However unplanned photo captures more emotion and transfers you into the moment.


Brainstorming is essential for any planned photography session and design creation. It is a process that takes time and a free space.


The decision making process is arguably the most difficult. Different purposes require different photos of various colors, styles, techniques, sizes.

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Who I am

Creative Photographer

I take pictures of nature, people, graphics and absolutely anything that manages to catch my eye. I enjoy photographing people in a combination of different landscapes which could be both rural and urban. I currently live in Prague, where I manage to find great places to improve my photography skills.

Some tips on how to take the best photos:

1. Play with the light. Know where the light is coming from and know its quality. Is it a natural light source?Is it artificial? How well does it light up what I'm phtographing? Ask yourself these questions and change angles and positions for better photos.

2. Look for repeating patterns. While this might not go for every type of picture you take, this is a good skill to master. This can foten be done with artificial model, such as buildings, bricks, or windows.

3. Play with panoramic shots. One key to taking the best panoramic shots is changing the direction of it. These shots also look beautifully on walls.

4. Create your own shadow effects. Use objects with interesting geometric patterns, such as a tea strainer. Make sure the light is strong enough and the subject is close your object. If you arrange it so, you can get strong shadows which cast beautiful patterns that highlight depth.

5. Take out the distractions. While you would want some chaotic and colorful photographs, its always good to focus simple from time to time. Make sure that only one object is really visible.

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Prague, Czech Republic