Is a smart phone with a touch screen from Apple, the decade device of the company's smartphones announced at its annual event on September 12, 2017, along with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. For the first time since the launch of the first iPhone model, the iPhone X has undergone a facelift and comes without a home button at all, with its screen display spanning most of the front of the device. In addition to the front screen and the rear-facing camera set, the design and design of the device is almost the same as the iPhone 7, but now comes with a design that combines aluminum, stainless steel and glass that covers its back in two colors: Space Gray ). Among other things, new innovations have been added to the device, which do not exist on previous iPhone models, such as wireless charging on a dedicated surface. As part of Apple's separation from a physical home button on the iPhone 7, the iPhone X comes without a home button at all, and without the Touch ID fingerprint that was first introduced to the iPhone 5S. Instead of a fingerprint sensor, the device includes a new technology called Face ID to unlock and secure the device through facial recognition by a dedicated processor and sensor system at the top of the screen. Among the other sensors is an infrared sensor that allows for face detection in the dark. The technology can recognize the face of users as soon as they look at the screen of the device, as well as identify temporary or long-term changes, such as a hat or glasses, beard or hair. The technology also allows users to authenticate users without the need for passwords on various sites, and in the Apple Pay service. This technology is used, besides securing the device, the feature "Animoji" which can be used to create animated imagos based on user facial expressions.

Unlike its predecessors,The screen is also equipped with 3D Touch technology, and toughened glass that covers it. Due to the absence of the Home button, the use of the iPhone interface to exit applications and switch between them is done with a gesture on the screen. In addition to running the personal assistant Siri using the "Hey Siri" gesture, she has been assigned an operating button on the right side of the device, which is also used to turn off and turn on. It contains two stereo speakers at the bottom and top of the device, and supports laminated reality with AR technology, allowing users to play games displayed on the real world.


The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 in the United States. On the same day, thousands of people waited outside the Apple store before the device's launch, and many stores reported a shortage of device inventory that runs out within an hour. In order to prevent the break-ins that occurred in the launch of the PlayStation 3, non-commissioned officers were hired to keep the shops open 24 hours a day. The device was later sold in Britain, France and Germany in November 2007, and Ireland and Austria in the spring of 2008. Six out of ten Americans surveyed said they knew how the iPhone would look before its release And a touch screen smart phone created by Apple and its third generation of iPhones. The announcement was made on June 8, 2009 during the company's conference in San Francisco. The device supports IOS operating system version 3.0 or higher. The previous generation of iPhones was the iPhone 3G, with the addition of the S, which symbolizes the improved speed of the device. Among the changes in the device has been improved speed, camera and battery power, added compass, internal speaker and voice control. IPhone 4 has succeeded as a flagship in 2010. The production of the GS3 continues until the announcement of iPhone 5 in September 2012..