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Players will be entered into the tourney that associates with their Player Rating if they have any. If a NEW player wants to join the tourney they will agree to be placed in the tourneys highest bracket. If a player wants to participate in a second draw at a rating higher than their Player Rating they will be allowed to purchase a 2nd entry. The League reserves the right to remove a player from a bracket if it is determined by match results that said player has more likely underrated their playing ability. Overall, the tournament was a big hit and we are looking forward to the next tournament coming up.

Future Events

Tennis Anytime

Tennis Nebusiče will be offereing a doubles tournament on June 28th. We need at least 6 players to make a tourney bracket. If we can NOT reach this criteria we'll send you an email offering a refund or we'll enroll you into the next tourney with your entry fee. Our hope is to run multiple skill level brackets for multiple draws. The 7-day money back guarantee expires as soon as the tourney starts. Tourneys will NOT allow for late enrollment